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The Official "frankenpelikan™" Thread - Also Other Pelikan Pen Related Humour...


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Ok, since for many of us life seems to be about making lemonade, as in, dealing with the many, many lemons we are given I thought a little humorous thread about Pelikan pens might be in order. I am going to kick this off with something that started from one of those lemons mentioned earlier, namely the shrunken and cracked inner cap of a Pelikan 500NN.


As I investigated it and took the cap apart I also noticed that the inner cap had separated from the shell and was quite frankly, beyond repair. I had had the pen as my desk pen for a long time, housed in the bakelite Pelikan trumpet pen holder so no real change there, it was just kept assigned to desk duties, alas, now more permanently.

Then I remembered that I had parts of a broken Gimborn 150 - Pelikan’s dutch cousin, similar to the 140 - lying about I paired its rather pristine cap with the body of the 500NN. And presto, this lovely #frankenpelikan was born. Kind of reminiscent of a Pelikan 300 but with that lovely drop-shaped clip that hails from the earlier era of Pelikan pens (100, 100N & IBIS).
I think they pair really well but then again, that might be just me. :D







Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzh6lAjhqKW/

Do you have any strange or fun frankenpelikan combinations lying about? Or something more humorous with a Pelikan pen as the centerpiece that you might want to share? I am sure those birds like to have fun. Let's get creative! :)

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M250 needed a bordeaux cap and I had a 400NN with a cracked section ... boom


attachicon.gif Franken M250.JPG


Cool... :)


On mobile phone so hard to post pictures directly. Heres a link to my Peliwahl on the base of a M101N




That is awesome! I have been wondering about those nibs for a while now, kind of hard to source (have been looking for a nice fixer upper Doric with that adjustable nib). Did the nib and feed fit the collar as is?

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That is awesome! I have been wondering about those nibs for a while now, kind of hard to source (have been looking for a nice fixer upper Doric with that adjustable nib). Did the nib and feed fit the collar as is?


I have an almost defect-free (if you're interested, I'll send you a pic) adjustable nib with no pen to go with it. But a size 7, the one in the picture here appears to be a 5.



RE: the topic: The only franken-penning I've practised on Pelikans is nib exchange. Right now I have an M250 old style with a pre-1954 B nib from a 400 - the 400 in turn has an OB nib from an old style M250. I have an M200 that used to have a 1964 F nib from a 140 (I called it the M240), but which now sports a medium nib from an M150 that had sadly lost the tipping on its left tine, but which is resurrected as an italic nib ~0,9 mm.


I have an almost dead M60 whose gold-filled piston knob I've been thinking of fitting on a black M30, sort of a sixties version of the Pelikan 500.


Edit: I just remembered that I exchanged the domed cap top of my P25 with the collared top of a P1 - but again, it just looks like a P1 now.

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The adjustable nib only works with its dedicated feed. The nib and feed are to be honest a bit loose in the pen, but works fine.


TimeoDanaos, if youre still interested in letting that nib go please let me know!

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Great thread idea!


I currently have 4 "FrankenPelikans".


The top one was my first Pelikan (it came as you see it) and it opened my eyes to the awesomeness of vintage Pelikan pens and especially nibs. It was advertised as a 140, but is actually a black-striped 400NN with older 400 OB "script" nib and 140 cap. IMHO it's a lovely combination and is still one of my favourite pens (it's the one in my avatar). I don't plan to ever "fix" it, just use it as-is.


The next pen I put together myself. The barrel was advertised as a 400NN (without cap), but when it arrived I noticed it had a 140 sized filler. It has none of the identifying marks of a genuine 300, so I suspect someone just fitted a 140 filler unit at some point in the past. So I decided to turn it into a full pseudo-300 by mixing 400 and 140 cap parts to complete it.]


The third is a 500 that I purchased with a 400NN cap. I simply fitted a "normal" 400 cap until such time as I can replace it with a genuine 500 cap in similar condition (quite worn).


The last one I am a little bit proud of. I received an M400 Brown Tortoise binde loose in a small batch of Pelikan spares I purchased. I managed to find a 400 barrel with badly damaged binde (common green-striped one) for cheap and did some pen surgery which resulted in what I like to call my "Black Tortoise". Vintage 400 barrel, cap and nib unit, M400 tortoise binde.


The last pic shows it alongside a genuine vintage tortoise. It's another favourite (nib is sooo smooth and has wonderful line variation), so half my frankenpens are much-loved and used fairly often.



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Some beauties...

I have a 6 or 8 sided no name cap, that ends up too fancy for any pen I put it on.....Someday I'll let it go in Lend it Forward. There must be a body that can match it somewhere.

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

RIP...200's once great nib, now a double ball.:crybaby::wallbash:


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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This was sold on the Bay as a very special Pelikan




- Knob from a tortoise 500

- Barrel from a black striped 400 according to imprint

- Gold plated aluminium cap from ????

- clip and crown look correct

- black captop, plain without Pelikan imprint

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Recently I received a Pelikan 500 with a changed cap. The cap is gold-plated slip-on cap, and seems to work well. I made further modifications and took off the medium nib and replaced it with a modern fine nib. I think the result looks quite good. The bitone nib goes well with the slightly lighter tortoise pattern.



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Hello Everybody!


Nice and funny thread!


I just wonder if only frankenpens do count into frankenpelikans, or if some frankenpencil  may also sneak in or get admitted occasionally, perhaps?


If so, I may have an interesting frankenpencil to show. In almost all aspects it’s a near mint 50s Pelikan 450, the “wide model” with replaceable eraser units and engravings on both, celluloid body top and rolled gold ring.


Only the clip is wrong - it belongs to a later generation model from the eighties!



Hope it’s funny enough to be worth showing.

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23 minutes ago, DougS said:

M400 cap top parts on an old style burgundy M200/250?


Very good!  It is an M250, but the cap's finial or "derby" had cracked and split.  I tried in vain to repair it so I sent it to Ron for his adhesive expertise, but he concluded a glued derby would simply split again.  I gave him the go-ahead to rescue the pen with his spare parts.  I like this pen, so I'm grateful for his Frankensensibility.


Some M250 cap derbies have their threads molded in the plastic as this one did, while others were made with a threaded brass insert to remedy the cracking problem.  Has anyone seen the maroon/burgundy derby with a threaded brass insert?

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