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Personal Point Refusing To Come Out Of Section


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Hello friends.


I have a Gold Seal flat top that is refusing to let go of its personal point. I would like to replace the personal point, and have removed the section from the barrel without difficulty.


But the personal point refuses to budge. I have:

-ultrasonically cleaned the section in Koh-I-Noor pen cleaner (several times)

-kept it immersed in clean water for days

-used dry heat

-tried hot water immersion (160 F)

-tried leeching in Pen Potion #7 on several occasions, from the top and the bottom

-immersed the entire section and part of the nib in Potion #7 for 48 hrs.


No love so far.

Do y'all have any suggestions?



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No suggestions?


I read in one post by Wahlnut that there are specialized pliers that hold the nib and feed so the feed does not break in the torquing/unscrewing. I have no such pliers, but it implies that more force than finger force is normally needed.


I'm thinking of knocking out the nib and feed (carefully), though I am loath to do so because I know the feed becomes a lot more unstable and eacy to damage without the nib/feed in place, plus I have a whole intact personal point unit ready to drop into place.

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I just checked my personal-point pens and they unscrew easily. I doubt if there were pliers for regular consumers; they may have been for repair shops when a customer ran into your problem. It seems to me that you've done everything you could but knocking out the nib and feed seems a little drastic. Maybe the pen is ready for a trip to the shop.

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Thank you. I did a lot more than that and still could not get it to unscrew. The best I could get was a few mm turn.


So I knocked out the nib and feed and easily replaced it with the ones from my other personal point. Good thing, too, since the feed in my replacement PP was shorter. Worked out perfectly!



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