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Montblanc Vs Sailor King Of Pen


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Hello Mates,


I wish to purchase a large black fountain pen for document signatures.


Have narrowed options to two pens:


Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck and Sailor King of Pens.


I would welcome any comments or recommendations


Thank you.


Kind regards,



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They are both excellent.

I suggest you play with both and choose the one that sings to you.

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I absolutely could not cope with the KOPs nib as it was too soft and lifted of the feed too much.


Maybe this is just me writing very fast with high pressure and at a low angle; otherwise I only hear positive comments about the KOP.


I haven‘t had any problems with my 149s. But the writing experience is much different. And I prefer the piston filling mechanism of the 149.


Which version of the KOP are you looking at?





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I would consider the Conid King Size in black, it is a strong contender with pens such as the ones you mentioned, with awesome features to offer. I don't own one but I have one on my wishlist.




Luis A.

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What size nib width are you considering? Sailor KOP only offers Japanese M or B nib widths.


What material are you seeking in the pen? KOP has plastic and ebonite as options.


Do you like the cigar shape or flat ends? The KOP offers a choice in resin.


Do you press firmly? KOP nibs are much softer and can go out of alignment easier.


Do you want brand recognition? MB is the only brand most non-pen people will expect in a business meeting.


Do you need ink capacity? MB holds more ink thanks to a piston.


Do you like to change ink colors a lot? KOP is easier to flush quickly.


Are you buying new or used? New KOP are way more affordable from Japan if you buy new. If used there are a lot more 149s on the market and you can find an excellent one with not too much effort.


Do you like solid silver colored nibs or all gold or two tone? Sailor offers all 3 but MB does not. MB does offer rose gold trim too.


You mentioned only black pens, but Sailor does offer lot of colored variations of the KOP while MB is only black. You can even get wooden or urushi or plenty of other options not available on an MB.


I have lots of both. I like the specialty nibs (no longer available) on the Sailor pens, but probably my favorite nib of daily use is the O3B on a 149. Maybe the best combo to me would be an MB O3B on a Sailor KOP ebonite body.

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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Both are great pens. But I would go (I did OBB) with the Montblanc 149 it's the right tool for the job.




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I agree with all the very detailed and considered thoughts on this page. For me I reach for my KOPs a lot more. Here are some reasons why.


The nibs even the mediums and broads write like fine and mediums. They are also ground in a very unique way so that they have a little bit of a zoom quality to them that I don't find on the smaller nibs. For someone who uses fountain pen to write Chinese characters, they are more suited to the task.


There are more body styles to choose from. I have the demonstrator, the flat top pro gear style as well as the torpedo shaped ebonite bodies.


They change inks super easily. If anything happens to the "piston" it's easy to switch out for a new one as I have with one I have been using very consistently.


The pen feels awesome in the hand because of the weighted center section. I have 3 149 but I definitely reach for my KOPs more.

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Barry Gabay

Both are very appealing models. Daily, I use one of them, sometimes both. They are my two favorite large fountain pens. Size is nearly identical. Nib options are a consideration, as mentioned earlier, since the 149 has far more choices. For me, it comes down to convenience and comfort, and I find both exceptionally comfortable, either posted or capless. I also like cartridges quite a lot, so in that regard the KoP wins out. However, the ink capacity of the 149 makes it the choice for longer periods of writing or when traveling. In my experience, the 149 tends to hold its value longer, although the KoP is more widely discounted when new. Because it has been made so much longer and is produced in greater quantities, there are far more used 149s available than KoPs.


You can not go wrong with either.

Enjoy your research and decision & let us know.

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Montblanc 1914 is HUGE. It's supposed to look like vintage MB Safeties but it's simply too big. The signing ceremony would turn into a pen ceremony. ;)

If you want a large pen with a sense of ceremony, take a look at the Montblanc 1914.

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MB with an OBB or O3B nib would make a fine tool for the job.

Montblanc 1914 is HUGE. It's supposed to look like vintage MB Safeties but it's simply too big. The signing ceremony would turn into a pen ceremony. wink.png

Which is great, a bit more drama can only be a positive. After all, it is all about making a statement. biggrin.png

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