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Did Anyone Ever Heard Of A Chinese Fountain Pen Company ''jin Ma ''

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Did anyone ever heard of a chinese fountain pen company with the name of Jin Ma . I have seen a gold nib fountain pen from that company " Jin Ma 518 and it looks very similar to some pen's from another chinese pen company '' Rainbow '' .

It's actually any relations between those two fountain pen companies Jin Ma and Rainbow ?


I love Fountain Pens, with hooded nib in the classic style, Parker 51/61 type .

Ionut - Marius

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" Jin Ma "or 金馬 is one of the brand under the " Hefei Ja Ma Pens " factory which owned list of brands including a number of lesser known ones but the more well known are Huashi ( 華士 ) and Lily ( 鈴蘭 ) , it had no affiliation with Rainbow though , and those pens look pretty much similar because under the then industrial ( nationalized ) system, design is state own and shelved out to licensee in these local / 2nd tier Mfr from the big ones and its not hard to figure all of these come originally from Hero 616 design , though almost all of them had variation and their own tweaks , the 518 is Ja Ma's variant of the gold nib version of this just like Rainbow 800 ( also 12K gold nib but essentially the same pen as the Rainbow 202 )

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