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Nib Replacement In Skyline Standard Moire Pen

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Hi, I got a beautiful Blue Moire Eversharp Skyline Standard. It came with a very stiff manifold nib in an ink-vue section. I hat stiff and love flex. So I have been looking at buying a replacement nib or another pen and then swapping nibs. But I have learned that the Standard Skyline came in at least two sizes. A smaller and a larger version. I have several of the skylines with the smaller nibs and they tend to have the eversharp imprinted on a curve with no other imprints. One of the smaller ones has the Eversharp at an angle. I have bought other skylines and individual nibs only to find they are the larger ones and will not work in this pen.


Here is one thing I have not tried. Do the Demi size skylines have the same size as the smaller standard skylines?


Also if anyone has a spare small nib or skyline laying around with some flex they they would be willing to sell, pls message me.

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Can you specify, eventually with pictures, what you mean with 'smaller' Standard Skylines. To my knowledge, the Standard came in a single size, although there are slight variations in the length (length is roughly 13,0 to 13,4 mm). What is the length of your pen?


The Standard Moire Skyline is often, but not always, found with a shorter nib and a shorter feed as compared to the Standard Skylines with solid colour barrels.


I just measured the feed diameter of a Standard (solid black), a Demi (solid black) and two Moire Standard Skylines and the diameter of the feed is identical in these 4 pens. The Demi and Standard Moire have a short nib and short feed.


So in theory the short Demi nib must fit a Standard Moire Skyline as long as you combine the short nib with a short feed. The short feed however may 'disappear' too deep into the section of a Standard Skyline that originally had a long nib and feed. I never tried such a transplant.


Hope this helps.

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This one came in at 13.95 cm in length, 5.5 inches for Americans. This would make it an "Executive" sized pen. It has the diagonal "banner" Eversharp across the nib, and it is a wonderfully smooth flex nib. So many other flex nibs feel scratch if you start to flex at the top of the arc for the letter "O", but this nib takes the application of pressure while you are still moving diagonally with grace.


I believe the model was the Skyline Gold Award. It was purchased as a set with the mated pencil. It is my latest jewel. I rebuilt it tonight, inked it, and burned through some paper and ink. It is a wonderful and expressive writer.

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