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So I really didn't want yo get into mixing inks, it took me a while to match the right pen to each of my 29 inks and I didn't want even more complications, but... Seeing Équinoxe 6 was depleting I got a 50ml pouch only to find it doesn't look like what I liked, which has been widely reported: perhaps there is an error in a batch, or perhaps it just got mixed, in any case there doesn't seem to be an equivalent in the Callifolio line.


Solution: 2/5 Équinoxe 6 (the greener version) and 3/5 Sheaffer Skrip Blue which I had laying around and didn't use. The result looks like what I like, although the original went a bit darker and with a lot of sheen.


What is looks like out of the pouch:








No starting or clogging up issues (my original less greenish Équinoxe 6 did have a tendency on its own to clog up some pens). If anyone likes this colour and doesn't need the hassle, I got the colour I liked from jetpens (no affiliation), perhaps their entire batch looks like that... Or not.





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