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How To Remove Stink Perfume Smell From Vintage Fountain Pen?

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There’s a certain look of astonishment mixed with contempt that they give you.



Basically your avatar picture?

Selling a boatload of restored, fairly rare, vintage Japanese gold nib pens, click here to see (more added as I finish restoring them)

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I hope this doesn't ward you off of vintage pens. I honestly have never run into a pen that smelled at all, myself. It's definitely a rare thing to find one that smells at all, let alone so egregiously.


Tried again. This time smarter. I was careful to email the seller to check that the vintage pen had zero smells. No smoke. No Perfume. No Cologne. No Deodorant, No Body Odor. He assured me that it did not in writing. So, currently waiting for delivery of another restored Vacumatic. Fingers Crossed.


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I once bought a Fuji X100s camera on online classifieds, and it was very strongly cologned over time in previous owners bag and hands. I almost returned it, but instead just waiting a few weeks with periodic use and keeping the camera on open desk surface when not in use were entirely sufficient to get rid of even traces of the scent. As others have said: unless the odor Originates with the pen plastic, just airing out the pen parts for a few weeks is enough. I would partially disassemble the pen and place the parts on a surface with good airflow for a good while.


Long ago, a Canon 5D from Adorama. Like new but used. Heavy "Axe" type nasty cologne. The rubberized grips and surfaces on the camera were "rank" despite cleaning and airing. I know when a smell is permanent. There are smells that do not go away. Returned it.


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