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Need Help Mt Swan Sf 200C Lever Bar Falling In

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Hello everyone.


Am the proud owner of 2 new-to-me Swans - both BHR SF 200C Fine models. One has a round top cap, the other a flat top cap. The shape of the sections is different, as are the nibs.


One is in perfect working condition, but the other's lever is not attached to the barrel in any way. It is attached to the pressure bar. How does the lever stay in place usually? Am I missing a part? A ring perhaps, or a pin?


Many thanks,




Also, this nib is very different than my other one. Marked 2 K, it looks like it should be flexible, with long thin tines. But it is not. Surprisingly firm, in fact. The other one is a full flex thing of beauty.




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The C ring is broken, bent, or missing.


Let me find my post on making C rings from springs....

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Here is one post making them from scratch


But you won't be able to insert the lever of a Swan in the manner shown in this post - just see how he made it from a piece of "music wire". Hobby Lobby always seems to have a variety of sizes of music wire (spring steel)


Can't find my post - the gist of it was to go to ACE harware, etc, and look at their selection of springs. You will find one that seems just bigger than the pen barrel, and with a fairly thin gauge wire. At home, cut a piece that is about 75% of a circle.


The way you engage it is similar to how you put the lever back in an Eversharp Skyline - I mention that because it has a lever with integraded bar like the Swan, and you will probably find posts about re installing the lever and mechanism for this pen.


Here is one


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Greenie has expertly dealt with the lever issue.


Regarding the nib, that nib is late production from the 1950s, probably under the ægis of Biro Swan. The Swan around the half-moon breather only appears on these late nibs - a smaller version even appeared on some very late Blackbirds.


As far as the letter K is concerned, I have seen D, G and H also. I have never found out the significance of these letters.



fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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I did it!! Followed your directions and it worked like a charm.


Regrettably, I destroyed the nib (don't ask how - I'm sick about it).


Does anyone know where I can get a replacement nib that will fit? I've been searching the www and it looks like #2 MT Swan loose nibs are as rare as hen's teeth!


Gratitude for your help,



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Later 1950s pens with these nibs shouldn't be too difficult to find, though perhaps more so on your side of the pond than here, and it may come to it that you end up buying a donor pen just to get what you want - hopefully something in need of tlc might offer the chance of a cheaper purchase.


Like most things, not around when you want one, then after you've found one, they seem to be everywhere.

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Congratulations and that is also so sad! Sometimes restoration seems to go that way.


If it is any consolation, the nib was already a replacement, and not of the same era as the pen. So look on the bright side.... Now you can hunt for a replacement Swan 2 or Mabie Todd 2 nib without the imprinted bird, and make the pen even better!

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Thank you again.


It is proving impossible to find a replacement nib or donor pen on eBay. Perhaps I will post a WTB on FPN.

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