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Please Help Identify This Waterman's Fountain Pen


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I have owned this particular Waterman's pen for some years, but for the life of me, I've not been able to identify the model.


It has a screw-operated internal plunger for filling, the knurled part that you twist being hidden under a removable cover on the end of the pen.


The text on the pen clearly says "Waterman's" and "60", and "made in England", but I don't think it is like a Ligne 60.


The overall style is reminiscent of a Taperite.






I'd be grateful for any help you can offer in identifying this great little pen.

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Thank you Mint, that is interesting, and the closest match to the one I have. Of course the nib is totally different, and the overall style, but the idea is the same, a piston filler with window.


So, what is going on, and why or how could there be so few of these around? What year might it have been made in?


It is a lovely pen to use, and weighs only 18g or so. However, I rarely use it, relying on commoner sturdier metal beasts like my Rotring 600 or Newton Lavas, which each weigh in around 40g.


Maybe more information will turn up?


Thanks again!

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