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Fpr Roll-Up Pen Pouch (6 Pens)


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FPR Leather Roll-Up Pen Pouch (6 pens)

FPR - or Fountain Pen Revolution - is a family-owned business, founded in 2011 and situated in Texas USA. Their mission is to create high quality products at a very reasonable price. Besides fountain pens, they also offer some really nice pen pouches to carry them in.


In this review I take a closer look at FPR's 6-pen roll-up pen pouch. The one I have is about 5 years old, and an older version of this product. They released an updated version of this pouch in 2019, with much better looks & aesthetics. The concept remains the same, and works perfectly as a daily carry for your inked-up pens.



The pouch is made from flexible, but still strong leather, that you will enjoy for many years. My pouch is about 5 years old, and still good as new. Stitching is of high quality, without any visible damage due to time & use. In rolled-up state, the pouch is quite small: at 17x8 cm and about 4 cm thick, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. A small leather strip is used to keep the pouch closed. I always expect it to loosen up, but no… it keeps the pouch closed very well. The leather provides sufficient friction to ensure a reasonably secure lock.

When closed, the FPR logo appears on top of the pouch - clearly visible, but due to the light embossment it remains fairly unobtrusive.



The pouch comfortably fits 6 pens, each in an individual pocket. Four of these pockets are protected with a leather flap, that ensures that your pens won’t touch each other when the pouch is closed. These flap-protected pockets can hold pens up to about Pelikan M800 size. For oversize pens you can always use the two outer pockets. The pockets grip the pens securely, and don’t seem to loosen up much over time. Even after several years of use, there is still enough friction to prevent my pens from falling out.


I really like this pen pouch, and use it on a daily basis to carry around my currently inked fountain pens. The pouch is very well constructed, and can easily survive years and years of use. Also - at 35 USD - you really get value for money. And given that the 2019 version looks better than ever, you cannot go wrong with this FPR product.
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This is the version I have too - interested to buy the 2019 version (eventually?), to see how it's different - but mine have been pretty great value for money.

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