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Sailor Studio Ink Samples

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They now have Sailor studio ink samples at


i am at my second order now

123, 162, 243, 760, 867, 873, 970

waiting for

150, 235, 240, 243, 340, 341, 350, 442, 452, 462


Also very good prices (only bottles) at


ordered 150, 162, 243 as a starter


Both have reasonable shipping prices.

Also very prompt specially for us europeans.

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Thank you for this information!


I recently received three bottles of the Sailor Studio Line from Pen Gallery in Malaysia; their bottle prices are very reasonable & although the shipping is a bit more than some, the lower prices make it acceptable.


It is especially nice to know about the availability of samples & I very much appreciate Fountainfeder for making so many inks available to the US @ such a reasonable cost.

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Thank you inkking!


Just put in my order for samples of 223, 723, 437, 442, 373


(I must say, though, I don't like this numeric system of naming inks...)

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Montain of ink and Macchiato man have each one of them done a monumental review or overview of those 100 inks.

The former is in progress



Until now there is only one color that i did not like the 970 (mustard).

It was not without surprise that i discovered that i liked the less saturated, less sheening, more subtle and more shading inks.

For instance 123 which is a grey with pink and green reflections or undertones (on tomoe Midori or Tsubame).

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