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Hello From Bangalore, India


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Hello everyone,


Have been a regular lurker for the last couple of years or so . Rebooted my love for fountain pens around 4 years back and started exploring with different pens, inks and paper.

All regular products that are probably readily available in the Western countries are really hard to find or expensive in India.

So, I have used my (and friends & family) trips abroad to get some of the things in my small collection at the moment.


I was always a fountain pen person, never liked the ball points and gel pens but for some reason stopped using FPs during college days, probably out of lethargy and the seemingly difficult upkeep associated with FPs.

After a break, I went back to studying part time and that is when I returned to FPs and have not stopped since then (and I dont intend to!)

I have started gifting FPs to my family so that I have less resistance to pursuing this hobby (selfish motives for gifting :lol: )


Current items that have burnt a hole in my pocket -

1. Pilot Metropolitan M

2. Lamy 2000 F

3. Platinum Century 3776 Chartres Blue M

4. Pilot Custom Heritage 91 M

5. Waterman Expert CT M

6. Pelikan M200 F

7. Pelikan M600 F


I used to have a couple of Lamy Safari's but gifted it to my Niece since I did not find the design too appealing, although they are solid writers.

There is a small collection of Inks as well as paper that I regularly like to use, Tomoe River being the pick of them :)


This community has such wonderful, knowledgeable people that I was a bit intimidated to put down my first post, having done that now I hope to contribute more to the community.

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Hello and welcome to FPN.

Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous  Who taught by the pen

Taught man that which he knew not (96/3-5)

Snailmail3.png Snail Mail 

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Hello and welcome to FPN, from Cape Town, South Africa.

To sit at one's table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a [fountain] pen - that is true happiness!

- Winston Churchill

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You have successfully entered a rabbit hole, who knows what it'll yield and where it'll lead.

Enjoy the fascinating journey and feel free to ask/share... thumbup.gif



Engineer :

Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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