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Osprey Pens - Milano Ojemoka Japanese Ebonite: Bifl For Generations To Come

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Yah, I agree, that's too much hassle.


Greasing the outer threads sounds too messy and slippery for me.


I rather just accept the fact that the threads will wear and try to not be too rough.


That would be nice if they listened.


I'm not the biggest fan of the available models right now, but they're not bad, and since the pens can fit a German #6 nib and take so few turns to uncap, Osprey's gotten my attention, cuz those two aspects are not easy to find even with Ranga and FPR, and I've tried in the past having to rely on luck my wallet won't tolerate anymore.


I'd have to go up to Eboya to get more of what I'm looking for and at this point that seems to be the plan. But it's nice to see "Eboya alternatives" pop up.



That posting sounds like a pain in the @$$.


It basically seems like a pen that's meant to post and be used for long writing sessions.


From looking at the photos the ebonite does look very lovely, though.



1.) you can use it unposted easily. It's plenty long enough


2.) you can just give it a single twist and it's on there securely. it won't rattle and move around. It's just not all the way down. so I'd file it under mild nitpick rather than real design fail.

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I got the Scholar and I have no complaints at all. Its non-descript, but seems to be well made and write great right out of the box.


I ordered the 'hourglass' nib on the pen and an extra nib.

i am guessing the HG nib is just cosmetic since there is no noticeable flex.


No matter, it is well worth what I paid and I will watch their site carefully for new products.


A well thought out company.

Edited by Doug C

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I got a green Milano and am extremely impressed. True, the cap does not align with the nib after screwing it on, but I love the nib and it writes perfectly. Don't really need to post.


Osprey needs to be on more peoples' radar.


BTW, Honeybadgers, I think you already wrote the review... :D




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