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Sailor Kop Pro Gear With Music Nib?


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Hello there,


is the Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear available with a music nib? And if this is the case, where?


Thanks for your help!





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Unfortunately the King of Pen only comes stock in medium and broad; occasionally specialty nibs are offered which can do similar things to the music nib, but at a much higher cost.

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My understanding of the Sailor music nib is that it isn't a true music nib (with three tines). Instead, it is apparently a broad-ish stub. I considered getting one for my Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos, but opted for the zoom nib instead, as something a little different (a friend of mine has both, but couldn't find the pen with the music nib when I wanted to do a comparison to see which I liked better).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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For a new KOP it's only M or B. Specialty nibs are not currently made for KOP.

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Do you think there is any concern as far as having a KoP nib ground to a finer size?


I would think it's no different than any other nib - but I saw an interview with a Sailor official that expressed concern about the viability of an EF grind on a nib of that size. It was translated, though, and he may have been talking about economic viability.


I have three Sailor M nibs. One is on my KoP and I'm tempted to have it ground to a Blade Turk grind by Mark Bacas. It's an expensive nib though, hence my hesitation.

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If it will make you happier then get it ground. There should be enough tipping. I have a ground KOP nib and it makes it a lot more interesting to write with. But definitely have a pro do it. It's too hard to replace if it gets overground.

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I bought a KOP urushi. Love the pen, hate the M nib. Smooth and wet and boring as hell. Seriously considering getting it ground...

Too many pens; too little writing.

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Hello Junkyardsam,


Have your KoP nib ground to EF if you like. I agree with zaddick that only a respected professional should do the work, as with any fountain pen surgery unless the owner feels comfortable doing it himself.


One of my favorite KoP nibs is a standard M which Mike Matsuyama ground into a lovely & refined XXF. The nib writes with a razor's narrowness, but is wet and smooth! That's the genius of Mr. Matsuyama's care & attention. He is a perfectionist, and it is absolutely worth the wait to have him create the nib of your choice.


Good luck,


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As I know KOP is only available in M or B. I heard that in the past Sailor did offer some special nib for KOP but the price is like up up in the sky!!!

Music nib is only available with 1911 Standard (14K and 21K), so the size is not compatible to switch to KOP body. I wish Sailor will make more nib variation for Pro Gear Large and KOP

:D Nice to meet you :D

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