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Aurora Ipsilon Sections

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Hello everybody!

I have searched but have not found something similar, so forgive me if a question like this is already answered.

I kindly call for the help of the knowledge and wisdom of fpn on the Aurora Ipsilon (older style, three chrome rings on cap band) sections.

In more detail, I would like to ask if a section of a fountain pen can be used with the barrel AND the cap of a rollerball.

I have a nib that I absolutely love, and a nice shop has a great deal on a argento body r/b. It would be a very nice result to get my nib+section to work with the silver body+cap after I "toss away" the r/b section.

Unfortunately, the deal is not good enough to justify the risk and try for myself, since if they don't work together, I have no use for the rollerball.

I warmly thank in advance everybody for their replies.

See you later people!

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