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Pelikan Souveran M605 Custom Urushi Raden Maki-E


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Here is my most recent bird purchase, a Pelikan Souveran M605 custom urushi raden maki-e. Actually, it's been a spell since I purchased a Pelikan. I've been deep into Japanese urushi pens for a long time now. I've many Pelikan pens and I've undervalued them personally for some time. Most sit unused but this pen reminded me that first and foremost Pelikan pens are just good pens overall. So, anyway, Michael at Dromgoole's in Houston had sent a flock of Pelikan pens over to Japan for some custom urushi work. I reckon I've seen most of the resultant pens and to be honest the results were mixed. The urushi work was universally nice but the effect on the pen was not always as desired. This pen, however, is barely different in dimensions from when it left the factory but the finish has been upgraded substantially!



47736583272_184af83c92_k.jpg_DSC3231 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

40822572673_e2d2f25602_k.jpg_DSC3232 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


The raden maki-e is spectacular in every sense of the word. It looks great and catches light like you wouldn't believe, it really sparkles. Note, even the piston knob is covered in raden. With raden the Japanese don't waste. I like how the broken bits are sprinkled onto the pen on the land between the inlay stripes. The stripes line up when the cap is closed. I choose a broad nib and it writes as expected.


47736582212_13dfb79109_k.jpg_DSC3233 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

40822571313_b5127d648f_k.jpg_DSC3234 by Ja Ja, on Flickr


Michael may or may not send more pens for this treatment. Evidently, the artist is nominally a scabbard (saya) lacquer specialist and pens are a diversion for her. I'd like to know who the artist is, I always like to know who the urushi artist is (this is unsigned), but I also have interest in Japanese swords so there is another connection.


40822570603_9e2eb7ed86_k.jpg_DSC3235 by Ja Ja, on Flickr

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A lot of skill and effort to create a truly eye catching pen, just not my cup of tea.

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The finish is not my cup of tea but I can certainly admire the work and artistry that goes into something like this. It's quite a unique piece. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

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The finish is not my cup of tea but I can certainly admire the work and artistry that goes into something like this. It's quite a unique piece.



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