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Two Colors

Charles Skinner

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A strange question? I have a bottle of Pilot chiku-rin and a bottle of Noodler's Brown #41. I am not thinking about mixing THESE TWO together, but wonder what would be a god mix with either one of these inks. The Pilot ink is a light, somewhat weak, green, and Brown needs no description.


So, what can you suggest? I have just about "every common color" from which to select.


Thanks in advance.


C. Skinner

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I don't know if Noodler's would play well with Pilot.

I would take .5 ml of each with a syringe and let it sit in a plastic sample vile for 24 hours.

Provided no explosion (just kidding)...no gunk and everything looks normal take sample with qtip to see what it looks like on paper.


Secondly...I like mixing within the same brand however I always do a test run like I described above. I like mixing MB (Non Iron Gall) Midnight Blue and MB Lavender Purple...It gets the redness out of the purple and depending upon how much Midnight Blue is added it can go from a dusky purple to a deep dark black purple.


My first mix was what Richard Binder suggested...Waterman Purple and Waterman Serenity Blue...to create Tanzanite.

​I used ink combo for my first year in fountain pens.


Again...Try staying within the same brand...Noodler's would be the exception in my opinion because he has different inks with different characteristics...not like Pelikan, Waterman, MB, Pilot, J.Herbin...which are primarily differences in dyes. Also resist temptation to test ink in pen...you want to make sure there is no chemical reactions so wait a good 24 hours.



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