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Waterman Recipes For Lefties


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Waterman inks might not have the most colour variety, but they are extremely reliable. No blobs or blockages, and relativly smudge resistant (even for a lefty side-writer like me). I found the red and green were a lot easier on the eyes if darkened a bit by mixing with black, and since I was tinkering with colour mixes I tried out a few combinations. Here are my favourites:

  • Breen (1 part brown, 2 parts green) - warmer and denser than pure green
  • Grue (1 part blue, 2 parts green) - a teal that's easy to read and doesn't smudge as much as the pure green
  • Bred (1 part brown, 1 part red) - a dark, rich red that's vivid enough for annotations but can also be used for block text
  • Burple (1 part blue, 1 part purple) - an alternative to normal blue
  • Black-blue-black (2 parts blue-black, 1 part black) - when you need the deepest blue
  • Plack (1 part purple, 1 part black) - another dark dark colour for writing dark dark thoughts

If anybody tries these out, do let us know how you get on.


PS. One last lefty tip: To reduce smudging add 1 part water to 4-5 parts ink. With a medium nib there is no noticeable effect on colour density, and it helps the tiny ink pools at the end of strokes absorb quickly into the paper.


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Thanks for posting these recipes! I'm no leftie but I love seeing the variations on the standard Waterman colours.


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- Lois McMaster Bujold

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