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Skyline Flow Characteristics

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The one Eversharp Skyline that I own has a wonderful flexible nib. While I would not call it a "wet noodle," I would say that it is "flexible" and certainly not "semi-flexible." Earlier I posted a question regarding ink flow in the Skyline. In my opinion, the flow from this pen is quite wet. Originally I thought this might be due to the fact that the vent or breather tube was loose inside the sac. I have now removed the sac and repaired the fit of the vent tube. Now, with the new sac installed, the pen fills more completely but writes pretty much the same. It is a wet writer. Granted, a flexible nib needs a wet flow to prevent railroading but I wonder just how much. Generally speaking, the ink remains wet three to four lines above where I am writing. In other words dry time is in excess of 30 seconds easily. Following the repair, I used Waterman Serenity Blue which seemed quite wet. I flushed that out and am now trying my old standby, Parker Quink Permanent Black. The flow is a little more controlled but is still quite wet. I would appreciate knowing from others who have a flexible nib Skyline if their pens also have a very wet flow.





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I would suggest re-setting the feed. This is quite simple.


Remove the nib and feed.

Wind a rubber band tightly around them with the nib aligned perfectly with the feed.

Boil water in a small cup in a microwave.

Remove it and let it sit for 15-30 sec.

Drop the nib in for a minute or less.

Fish it out with a spoon and let it cool.


Once cool, remove the rubber band and reinstall in the pen. The ebonite feed softens and conforms to the nib. Once it is cool, it will harden into its new shape. This should give you the optimum flow for the pen. Note that this is NOT something you should do to a plastic feed.


The Waterman ink(s) are fine. So are Quinks, but the black Quink can be a problem for some.


Hope this works.



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I have a half-dozen Skylines, including one very soft medium. They are all wet.

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All my Skylines are wet with the lushest nibs. A Wahl Skyline lays down a line line a bump in the road. A real test of paper quality. You almost want to fit an IV to keep it alive. Savour their personality they're not coming back.

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Mine is not "Waterman #2 nib wet" (leaving a puddle), but it will lay down a 2mm wide line several inches long without any risk of railroading. I would put it in the wetter than most crowd.

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They are wonderfully wet writers that provide a consistent flow of ink.


The feed does well with temperature and rough movement.

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I have one Skyline with a flexible nib purchased from Greg Minuskin. It is a very wet writer. I would expect the feed to be rather wet in order to provide enough ink flow for the flexible nib.

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I've owned and repaired a fair number of the Skylines. They're generally not that expensive and are good writers. My experience is that most of them were fairly wet writers, especially the ones with the more flexible nibs. I do have one of the blue stripe pens with a totally rigid medium nib where the flow is more moderate. But in general, the semi-flex and flexible nib versions had wetter flow than the rigid nib versions. The blue stripe Skyline is one of the most attractive fountain pens ever made.

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