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Parker 95 Engraving Missplaced?


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First and foremost I might have double posted, if I did I am sorry, I didn't mean to.


About the pen, I got a Parker 95 filete silver, but I feel like something's wrong.

A friend of mine has the exact same pen, they are exactly same (except for the wear marks of course) even the engravings on the cap match up: FRANCE, Q, and that small Parker logo. But of course the nib is slightly different.


I can't compare the two nibs right now so I see if mine goes more outwards and so I wanted to ask you if my engraving being farther from where it is supposed to be means that someone tried to pull out the nib but didn't succed, or something else.


Here is a picture of the nib: https://imgur.com/a/YoAU6b6

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Nevermind this post, I got the other pen realised all I have too do is press on the feed and all is fine.

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