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Parker 95 Leaking Ink


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I am quite new to fountain pens and I started with a Parker 95, that I received as a present. In the last month I am struggling though with a problem. My pen is leaking and my hands are all inky(I am using Parker permanent ink). The grip is not dirty and I do not touch the nib and it(the nib) looks quite clean(compared to my friends pen, which does not leak, a Parker 88), the convertor empties pretty quickly and when I take the barrel off, I see the convertor and everything stained with still wet ink. I do not change altitudes and I transport it only nib up or sometimes I let it nib sideways(horizontaly). I will try using a cartridge and update the topic, but for now, there is no day without getting my hands dirty. You have some pictures attached below, in the links as how the pen looks when I got home. Do you have any ideas as of why this happens? When I spin the converter it does not look like ink gets past the seals.


Thanks in advance!




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My best diagnoses is that air is entering the system causing your ink leak. I suspect the cartridge converter is not seating fully or isn't quite the right size (they can get enlarged a bit with use.) Try using a new ink cartridge, if that solves the problem then you've nailed it.

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