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A Balance Or Not A Balance, That Is The Question...


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Hi Sheaffer Fans,


I'm wondering if this pen is a Sheaffer Balance. Trying to increase my PIQ (Pen I.Q.), as well as identify this modern Sheaffer. I am in love with the Sheaffer Balance and continue the easter egg hunt for them.


I'm thinking NOT, but not sure if my observations bear this out. Also, I have not been able to identify what Sheaffer model it might be, so a few of your brain cycles on this would be appreciated. Other resources to assist in identification would also be greatly appreciated.


My observations:


  • Seems like the right shape (although not as 'pointy' as the Balance on the ends, seems LESS Balanced! ),
  • Clip seems to be different than the Balance pictures, with the White Dot on it - not on the cap directly
  • It is a matte black - and cannot find any reference or example of this finish offering as a Balance
  • Nib looks like SS w/ , marked Sheaffer M (Seems like it could be a "low end" offering)

Thank you for any assistance in increasing my PIQ, and figuring out what model this pen is.

Regards, George



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Agreed, not a balance


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Thank you both. Q: Where in the world could one of life's pen mysteries be solved by a Baron & a PAKMAN? A: ONLY here on FPN ! THanks again, George

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