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Mixing With Aurora Borealis


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So recently Diamine released the beautiful Reddit-inspired Aurora Borealis as part of their standard collection. After getting hold of the bottle I decided it would be fun to mess around with it a bit. As Aurora Borealis is a relatively saturated, non-chalky teal I thought it would work well in spicing up some neutral blues into a refreshing sea-like colour. After two attempts I managed to get something pretty using Diamine's own Asa Blue.




The mix ratio is two parts Asa Blue and one part Aurora Borealis. I tried to make it closer to blue than, say, Edelstein Aquamarine but closer to green than something like Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue. While the picture makes it look quite muted it's actually a fairly vibrant colour, similar to KWZ Walk over Vistula in terms of vividness. As it's a mix of two Diamine inks dry times and water resistance are just the usual. There's no feathering on Rhodia (seen in picture) and almost none on copy paper as well. Flow is somewhat on the wetter side.


All in all I think Aurora Borealis adds a nice marine touch to a blue ink, and might try adding it to other Diamine blues in the future. There's no SITB after 24 hours so I'm guessing the mixture is stable but if anything happens I'll let you guys know.

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Nice comparisons and I really must get a bottle. It sort-of reminds me of the original Diamine Blue-Black, before revision.

The Good Captain

"Meddler's 'Salamander' - almost as good as the real thing!"

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