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Buying Advice - Pelikan M1000 Humidity Problems?


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I am Dinesh.

I am using a Lamy Safari from last year. Till then used Camlin 36.

Now i am going to purchase a Pelikan M1000. I have asked about it in the introductory post itself. Sorry for this.


I am from chennai and i have inquired WilliamPenn store at VR Mall, Chennai and got a quote of Rs.46000/- for M1000.


Now chennai has around 70-75% humidity and it is just start of summer. It will increase as summer progresses.


I am worried about buying Pelikan as i read a post which is way back in 2008 about barrel rupture may be due to humidity in our forum here.


Can i be confident about the pen holding up in a hot and humid chennai. It is going to be big chunk of money invested in a pen, i am worried since i like M1000.


Is it ok to leap to M1000 which i think is a top of the line luxury pen?


Your suggestions please.

Knowledge Power

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Hi. I do not have the answer to your question.


But a suggestion. Copy your post, find Pelikan under Brand Focus (Forums tab first) then start a new topic there where you can paste in what you wrote above. Better than typing it over.


There are a lot of knowledgeable people who know Pelikan pens well.

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First, William Pen has an in store special for exchanging an old pen for a new pen. The nice thing about the program is it is a 10% discount for a non working pen from a certain list of manufacturers and a 20% discount for a working pen. The notice dose not say anything about the value of the old pen, so it may be possible to get the 20% discount by providing a working, but relatively low value pen.

Second, William Pen will honour the three year warranty that Pelikan provides.

Third, it may be possible for you to get an extended warranty. I don't know about India, but many banks and credit card companies in many places in the world offer an extended warranty typically for another year, if you use their credit card to make your purchase.

Fourth, do not forget to register for the William Penn Loyalty program, Penn Clique. This purchase will get you many points.

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Thank you all for your valuable suggestions above.

Knowledge Power

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