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My First Ink Mix


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My first mix, 75-25% Noodlers Polar Green and standard black


I thought up a better name for it...

Pine Tree State Evergreen


it's certainly better behaved than Nannystate….errr…. Baystate Blue


….kinda' an inside joke, as Mainers generally dislike massachusets, actually, most of Free Northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) share that opinion....

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Great color. I'll have to get some samples and try it.


Question: Why doesn't Maine ever make the news for horrendous weather? Come to think of it, Maine almost never makes the news in general. Sounds like a great place.


(I do know that E.B. White of "Charlotte's Web" fame lived there.)

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Maine (and the rest of Free New England as well) is just a low key kinda place, everything moves slower, people are more laid back, and it's just a nice place to live, really


as far as the "horrendous" weather, we just see it as weather, it's normal to us, the "worst" thing about New England is the occasional blizzard or Nor'Easter, and those we get a decent warning that theyre coming...


Plus, Lobster is remarkably inexpensive along the Atlantic coastline, typically under $12 for a meal at a sit-down resturant

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Just as I suspected: "Sounds like a great place."


You know, in Chicago you can pay $12 for a hamburger and $25 to park nearby.


And weather here is an ever-changing matter of opinion, none of them good. They often say: "If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait five minutes."


Well, thanks for making me jealous. Now someday I may visit your fair state.

Walk in shadow / Walk in dread / Loosefish walk / As Like one dead

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To bring this post back on subject (sorry for the tangent, i'm easily distracted by shiny objects, yes, shiny objects are good :) ), we have some antique glass inkwells on display that Dad used to collect, i think it'd be fun to put a few back into use, i just need to find or make some cork stoppers for them, would real or synthetic cork be better?

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Howdy, some political posts have been hidden.


Glad you like the ink mix.


As for the bottles - I'd look at rubber stoppers instead of cork - or ground glass if you can find 'em.

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