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Sheaffer Fashion Ii Refill


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Hey guys!


So, many years ago I received a fountain pen as a gift, which I have only recently been able to identify as the Sheaffer Fashion II. Since I had never used a fountain pen before, I left it untouched for many years until recently. The pen is completely dried up, and there is no cartridge nor converter in it. I have a few 'slim cartridges' that came with the gift bundle, but they are all dried up too.


Regardless, I tried to install the cartridge, but it wouldn't fit. There is something inside blocking it, and I have no idea what it is. As I am very eager to try using a fountain pen, I am in desperate need of your advice!


Thanks in advance.



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Unless I have mis-identified the pen in my collection, the Fashion II takes regular Sheaffer cartridges and converters (my pen has the old squeeze converter, but I just tested it with a piston converter from a Levenger Seas [sheaffer Connaisseur]).

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Looks like there may be a converter or cart still in the barrel, try sitting the barrel in warm water for a few minutes and see if it can be removed gently. Someone with a better memory than me will know which Fashion is which, I have the fatter fashion, but I do know there is a slimmer one and that can only take the slim converters and carts, same as the Targa slim. It might not even be a Sheaffer converter that is stuck up in there so just ease it out, the last thing you want is a broken converter stuck in a barrel, I came across a Parker 95 like that once - that was a fun afternoon!

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It's not a 'Frankenpen'.....it is a bespoke design  :D 

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