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Skyline Pocket Clip?


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Hi Forum Folke,


Can anyone give me some instruction on how the cap on a Skyline comes apart? I have one with a semi-mangled clip (the "ball" at the end that lifts the clip over the pocket edge has somehow been flattened pretty badly.)


I can't figure out how the thing comes apart so I can get the clip off of the cap and straighten out the bent metal; I need direct access from 'beneath' the clip... can't do it on the pen.


Thanks for any direction! Pics would be good, but I can probably follow a good text description.

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It unscrews, but it can get stuck, and the plastic is a bit fragile. The last skyline I had work done on, the experienced repair person doing the work broke the barrel and had to get a replacement barrel. A different part than the one your wanting to work on, but the plastic part of the cap is made of the same material as the barrel and is fragile. And, straightening the clip is not easy, especially if you don't have a jig to mount it in and unless it is in great condition otherwise, or is valuable, it might be better to just replace it as their are more clips than great derbies.

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Thanks Parker51... The rounded end unscrews from the 'barrel' of the cap? That seems simple enough. The pen is pretty much beat anyway... only good thing about it is the nice flex nib. Section cracked and I solvent-welded it with MEK, which worked out well enough, or so I thought; went to re-assemble it and realized I forgot to talc the new sac, so I went to pull the section again... and only half of it came out of the barrel. The part that friction-fits in the barrel stayed in the barrel. I think it's spare parts at this point, so this is more of a learning experience than a real repair. I may try to get the section piece out and solvent-weld it again, but I think it's pretty much a goner... again, this is a learning experience. Too bad it had to be one of the nicer, "bigger name" pens instead of some no-name. Thanks again!

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Yes, the rounded end unscrews from the "barrel" of the cap.But it sounds to me as if you should salvage the nice nib and fit it into another Skyline. Be aware that the nib on the demi sized Skyline is smaller than that on the standard- sized pen, so be sure you find the right pen for your nib.

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Hi BamaPen,


I initially mistook your handle as "BananaPen," which amused me because the pen I just got is indeed a banana. It has a gradual curve in it; it apparently got overheated somehow at some point. I picked it up for cheap because of the semi-flexible 14K Warranted nib, but I also wanted to try straightening the curve... another learning experience. It's a cheapie no-name with a half-decent nib; if it goes badly, at least I have a nib to fit to something nicer, and I will not have wrecked a much nicer pen (such as the aforementioned Skyline.)


Yes, the nib isn't going anywhere; there's plenty of Skyline candidates available that have "nail" nibs that would benefit from this nib (unless Eversharp used a different feed for flex nibs than for 'nails'?


Thanks for the info!

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