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A Very Late Review - By A Newbie, For The Bestseller, Of The "asa Aqua Blue Translucent Acrylic Nauka"


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I adore Naukas and I do not tire of reading about them. I have three now: the original matte black, a clear demonstrator, and one in olive-black ebonite. They are all fantastic. I want to get the orange and blue demonstrators as well. I am glad to see that someone else has five. Now I will not feel so strange ordering more.


As for getting ink in the threads, I have not found this to be a serious problem but when the clear demonstrator runs dry, I do like to take it apart and clean it. Sometimes there is ink in the cap but not very much and has not detracted from my joy in using the pen. My matte black Nauka gets positive comments if I pull it out in public. It is a striking pen.

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With five Naukas (and two lookalikes) I feel I can afford the luxury of passing on this one. I have the (to my eyes) seagreen ebonite clipped one that was one of three I got in the first group buy from Asa. It is actually in rotation right now; I re-inked it last month. It's the only one with a clip. The two acrylic demonstrators are actually significantly larger. I think if I get another Nauka it may be a black ebonite one. Glossy, and no clip. Hmmm...

The look-alikes are model 8B's from Ranga, both also in ebonite. One glossy, one bakul (matte). They actually only look alike when capped; the difference is obvious when uncapped. I love both models, with a slight preference for the Nauka. My glossy teal/black ebonite Ranga 8B is also inked and in rotation now.

Sometimes it does feel strange to have so many similar pens. But they all have their slightly different special characteristic that make me want each one...

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Great review Sarvesh, especially the pictures. I am not a big fan of cigar-shaped pens, so haven't tried Nauka yet... however, your pictures do make me want one. :-) Also, what ink is it?

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It's such a lovely pen. My only problem with it, is that the ink pools up in the cap threads and in the barrel threads and it stains and is really hard to clean :(


One possibility is to try keeping the barrel full with ink, and always store it nib-side-up. While opening, maintain the same orientation. Unless you use saturated inks, warm water is sufficient to clean it up - unscrew the grip section, flush it with water under a tap, and then place it in warm water bowl for a few minutes. Once clean, place it nib-side-down on a tissue paper so all water will be sucked out due to capillary action and gravity. Enjoy! :-)

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