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Franklin Christoph 19 Size Against Faber Castell Ondorro Size


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Hi all,


I am very interested with the Franklin Christoph 19 fountain pen. However, my area of concern before I part with the cash is the size of the pen, I already own the Faber Castell Ondorro and I like that pen very much. Can anyone shed some light on how the FC 19 compares with the Ondorro in terms of size? I've read that the FC 19 is "fat" pen. Pictures of the pen is not helping as it is difficult to get a real feel of how "big" the FC 19 is. I would be grateful if any users out there could help on that point. Also, does the FC 19 being "fatter" than the Ondorro mean that it is heavier than the Ondorro?

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I have both pens & when they are capped you see the length is greater in the FC pen; when UNcapped you can tell the largest size difference is between the caps of the pens, because the pen bodies are MUCH closer in size to each other, with the FC body being only slighter longer, but a greater difference exists in the length of the nib on the FC, a number 6, while the Faber Castell nib seems dwarfed in size.


The FC is larger in circumference, but it is a swell that is well below the section of the pen & it tapers to the end with the result of both pens being the same size @ their base.


The sections are also so very different, the FC has a much longer section than the Ondorro, which seems to be a more defined space than the FC. I am sorry I don't have the ability to offer measurements but surely a review of either might exist that offers same? I recall SBRE Brown does pretty extensive measurements of pen's bodies when reviewing pens. I suspect there are several reviews of the FC19 which might offer specific measurements.


The weight is similar between the pens to me (without use of a scale) just comparing them in my hand. I don't post either pen, they both seem quite adequate for my large hand & because the bodies are so close in length & weight, without their caps, they seem similar in size when I use them.

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On thing about Franklin-Christoph is they give you 30 days to use the pen and still will give you a full refund or exchange if you don't like it. Many companies would change a restocking fee if a pen is inked, but not them. A number of times I have exchanged the nib I got with the pen for a different one with no issues. They have great customer service.


I don't have a model 19 so can't help there. Currently I only have a 31 and 45L XLV.

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