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Pilot Metropolitan -- Worth Repairing, Or Should I Just Replace It?


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I recently finally got myself a Pilot Metropolitan as a starter pen.


Last time I needed to refill the converter, I had a very hard time unscrewing the section. I finally got it open, and refilled it. Since then, I'm having some leaking around the base of the nib.

My question is, given how cheap the pen is, is it worth repairing it, or should I just toss it & buy a new one?


If repair is worthwhile: I'm in the Twin Cities -- if anyone is local & has recommendations for a repair shop, I'd appreciate it!

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That depends on how much you paid for it, I suppose? The Pilot MR Metropolitan comes in different colours, and they usually go for different prices. If you have a colour the usually sells for more, you can always just order a new plain black one (usually the cheapest colour) and take its section, or feed, or converter as replacement parts, but keep the old pen barrel and cap instead of tossing out the whole thing. Or maybe you just prefer a totally new one and spare yourself the troubleshooting.

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Since you got the pen recently, you may want to contact the retailer. A Pilot Metropolitan shouldn't fail this quickly. If you got it from a fountain pen retailers, they will likely help you out with a replacement or warranty information.


If you got the pen from Amazon or Target, it's probably best to buy a new one since the cost of repair will be close to a new pen's price.

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Thanks for the responses!


I purchased it from Amazon, but will take it to one of the local retailers & see if they can give me any guidance. I only spent about $15 on it, so if the repair costs more than about $10 I'll probably just buy a new one.

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From what I read it might not even be broken, but might just need to be reset? You might have inadvertently wiggled the feed and nib out of alignment in the section. There aren't many parts, take the ink out, flush with water, dry, pull the nib and feed away from the section, put them back together and push them back in... Pilot converters are sometimes a tight fit on the section. My one Metropolitan is a smooth writer, does get along better with Iroshizuku Kon Peki (super smooth) than with other ink brands (smooth).


This takes you step by step.

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