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Nib Removal Of Phileas Fp


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I have a stubborn Phileas FP that I cannot remove the nib. So far tried to soak it overnight on water but nothing works. It's like cemented (is it glued?).

My understanding is that it should be pulled straight out. Is that true or is it screwed out?


Do I need to soak it in something other than plain water?


All I really want is to clean it good, since it does not write now too good. Weirdly enough it wrote in the "opposite" position, not the normal writing way)


I also thought to smooth the nib a little bit. Any suggestion on that?


many thankspost-23142-0-81849800-1548553428_thumb.jpgpost-23142-0-05942200-1548553418_thumb.jpg

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It could well be the nib is corroded inside the grip. Do not waggle the nib. The nib must be gently gripped with either mole grips or vice (suitably protected) and the section levered off.

Go to my topic Phileas Phever and look at post #378

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Be careful, my Phileas developed a crack in the section while I tried to remove the feed and nib.


Soak in section in warm water, use rubber tubing instead of bare hands for better results.

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Place a piece of soft pine wood either side and adjust the grips to provide a light grip. Alternatively use a bench vice. It has more control and is far safer than waggling or trying to pull evenly with hands.


Also WD40 can be used for lubrication between the nib, feed and section.



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Nothing worked just by hand, rubber, etc. I think that I'm "mentally" ready to try and pry the nib with a vice as in your description above.

Hope it'll not crush it. Will it help to pre-soak it in warm water before? or any other "surgical procedure" is recommended?


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just wanted to let you know that Force's explanation & method explained above, worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!


next will be a good cleaning (any tip here for the best cleaning solvent?) and back to business.


Many thanks for all your guys' input

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