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Black And Blue Ink Mixes Using Inks From India


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I have been thinking about mixing relatively inexpensive inks from India to produce something I can use in my writing.


I have to be conservative with my choice of ink for official use- only black/blue-black, and my writing should be somewhat impervious to water damage. In my personal use, I prefer a vibrant, unusual blue ink.


I have two ink mixes ready for experimentation.


I. 3 parts of Daytone Turquoise Blue + 1 part of Camlin Royal Blue = Custom Blue.


II. 3 parts of Daytone Calligraphy Black + 1 part of Camlin Permanent Black = Custom Black.


The first photograph below is how the inks behave in different pens on ordinary 75GSM copier paper.


The next photograph is the result of water resistance test done after 12 hours of writing. The paper is kept under the stream of tap water for 1 minute and then submerged in a mug of water for 30 minutes.



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