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Help Id This Sheaffer

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I'm a newbie so please go easy on me :D but I recently found my father's Sheaffer in the closet and am curious as to what it is.


His memory is fuzzy at best but he believes that he was gifted the pen during the 90s. I also managed to find a box of old Skrip Cartridges and would like to know what kind of converter this pen would use.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Well, the converter question is fairly easy... If the pen uses standard Sheaffer cartridges (cylinders, with at least one flat end -- new manufacture has a plastic insert at one end that is not designed to be punctured, old ones even with a o marked on one end could be inserted either way and function).... it should take a standard Sheaffer converter (which is not the same as an "international standard").


Doesn't appear to be a very high end model, more the type you'd find in a mass-market office supply store.

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