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Advice On Pilot 742 Nib, Feed And Housing For Custom Pen


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Hi guys, I am not sure if I am posting this question in the right place, so please let me know if it should be moved.


Shawn Newton is making a pen for me. He can make a section around a nib and feed as long as both are in a threaded housing (Sailor uses threaded housings, for example).


I saw Bookman's full section dissasembly of his Pilot 74. Do any of you know if the Pilot 742 can be dissasembled in the same way? If so, I am pretty sure Shawn could build a section since that metal flange acts a sort of threaded housing, right? (Bookman's pic from his original post)




(I had also considered of provide him with a Platinum 3776 nib and feed, Joey Grasty (Flexible Nib Factory) makes threaded ebonite housings that are shaped on the inside to accept Platinum nibs and feed, but the problem is that the rest of the housing is shaped like a no nipple Bock housing i.e. the housing does not accept converters.


This would force me to use the pen either as an eyedropper (no thanks), and asking Shawn to make the pen with one of the several filling systems is not an option either. I just find converters to be much more easy to clean, use, etc.)


I hope someone can help me.


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Unfortunately that is not a nipple but Platinum's 3776 feed end

Really? I've seen/read of it referred to as a nipple. I may be wrong. It is this that inserts into the converter/cartridge, and which I thought you were refering to as missing. Main point being that, whatever one wishes to call it, it is present and allows the pen to be used with a converter and not only an eye dropper.


The feeds that he builds for eyedroppers are flat across the top and do not have the collar that goes around the outside of the converter, or the - insert name - that goes into the converter.


Happy to be educated if I am incorrect.

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