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Platinum Is Poised To Raise The Prices Of The 'basic' #3776 Century Models

A Smug Dill

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Looks to me the base price of the Black in Black, Chartres Blue and Bourgogne models of the Platinum #3776 Century is going up from JPY 10,000 to JPY 13,000, in parity with the new Chenonceau White and Laurel Green models. Platinum will be using new product model numbers to reflect the new price, but I don't see anything else that's different about the 'new' models.

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The cap band is different



The new #3776 CENTURY fountain pen series employs the method of etching to mark the logo on the cap ring. It is a very time-consuming process but ensures high quality and ex ceptional look of the #3776 CENTURY fountain pens. Enjoy the expression of the logo that changes depending on the direction of light.We will contin ue to improve perfection level of both functional and aesthetic as- pects to offer the pleasures of writing to our customers.

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I finally noticed this when I was shopping for them.


It's quite a hike in price.


What I'd really like to see Platinum do is make a Piston Filling 3776 and make it so that the piston sits flush with the barrel with no step down (Pelikans, Pilot CH 92) or notch you feel in the web of your hand (Pilot 823).


I love the 3776's design, especially the wider grip and how it's straight... So comfortable, but I do wish they made a piston filler version of it.


Pilot's only piston filler is the CH 92, which is a great pen, great price, but too small for my hands : (


I like the idea of the Sailor Piston Filler 1911's and Pro Gear's (REALO's), but the price is much higher, I do have hesitation since I read it takes about 2-2 1/4 turns to uncap (I prefer less than 2 cuz I jot a lot: I need to be able to uncap the pen as quickly and easily as possible), and I prefer the straight section of the Platinum 3776.


If only, if only.

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