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Pelikan M101N Broken Barrel

von Fraker

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I have been offered to buy a Pelikan M101N in Brown/Green Tortoise which in my opinion was the best color done to date and I have wanted to add one to my collection and pen rotation. As you see, the pen barrel is broken. The seller states she was simply cleaning/flushing the pen when she heard the snap. (Perhaps moving the Piston up and down very rapid, I don't know). This special edition has been out for some time so the warranty has expired.


I have a few questions.


I haven't contacted Chartpack to see if a replacement is available yet so I'm not sure about going that route or if they even repair out of warranty pens.


Can this break be repaired (solvent weld perhaps)?


What is the recommended process of repair?


Who does these type of repair?


What can I expect to pay for a repair such as this?


Is there anything else I should consider on this?


She has given me her "asking price" and it's not terrible but I'm not sure she knew it couldn't simply be glued back. So, I am trying to see what I may have in this on the repair side before I counter offer or pass. As it stands now I would basically be paying for a used nib, feed, and cap which is almost the price she is asking.


Your experienced advice is appreciated.


Thank you,





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Hmmm. This is quite a strange break of the inside structure on the piston filler threads end. I think only pelikan Germany might have new barrels. Repair Is another possibility. I would ask fountainbel his opinion.

In case you wish to write to me, pls use ONLY email by clicking here. I do not check PMs. Thank you.

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