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Adding To The Flock - 2019 + 2020 +2021

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1 hour ago, tacitus said:


Gorgeous. I'd like to take a photo like you someday.

I know you will ! 

What is this money pit obsession hole I have fallen into?

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I mentioned these pens last year in another topic, but the nibs have finally arrived from a nibmeister and the pens are complete, and here they are. The 100N is interesting as it has a beautiful brass replacement clip. It also has a Warranted nib. Never had experience with these nibs before, but this nib is a stellar crisp italic BB+ nib. It is also very flexible, but the flex is totally unnecessary. The green 140 and the grey 400 also have nice and wet broad italic nibs. The nibmeister adjusted the flow and bent tines and made slight adjustments to the nib edges as they were somewhat worn.







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beautiful flock of very special pens! I like the greyish striped 1951 400 in particular.


Here’s my yesterday’s addition, a 400NN. The year of manufacturing must have been 1964 or 65, according to the nib design.

AFAIK, it’s a rather common vintage pen, yet fitted with a less common, springy OF nib - a great writer. Currently inked with R&K Scabiosa (iron gall).


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