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Montblanc L’Aubrac Special Edition

Michael R.

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In 2012 Montblanc introduced another Masters for Meisterstück series of pens. The L'Aubrac is the second in series:

  • 2011 Meissen
  • 2012 L'Aubrac
  • 2014 Moonpearl
  • 2016 Firenze Alligator
  • 2018 James Purdey & Sons.

Like the other pens from the Masters for Meisterstück or Great Masters series it was made to pay tribute to master craftsmen of other traditional products than writing instruments.


Three versions were made:

  • Special Edition (fountain pen and rollerball; matching cuff links, key ring and money clip)
  • Artisan Edition (50 fountain pens)
  • Atelier Privé Edition (8 fountain pens).

All versions were created in mind with the typical French knives made by Forge de Laguiole in the L'Aubrac region.


The Special Edition is made from grenadille wood and sterling silver decorated with the typical rivets and historical Laguiole engravings. Only the clip is platinum plated. The Montblanc emblem is made from mother-of-pearl. A knife matching the pen's design also is available from Forge de Laguiole.


It follows the general shape of the previous Masters for Meisterstück pens with a 146-sized 18K gold nib and no ink window. Body and cap are wider compared to the regular 146-sized Meisterstück fountain pens but share the same size for the gripping section. The wider cap and body result in a slope between gripping section and barrel. The cap closes softly.

The weight without ink is c. 55.6 g (for comparison: Montblanc Solitaire Petit Prince/c. 62.6 g & Montblanc Alexander von Humboldt/c. 68.1 g).


This pen was pre-owned but has not seen much (any?) use and came to me for Christmas fitted with a medium nib. One of my lucky finds in 2018!

It feels similar to any Solitaire Meisterstück with some added width due to the wooden overlay. It is very well made and the engraved sterling silver parts and mother-of-pearl star are just beautiful yet understated and not flashy. The rivets and wood show no defects or flaws. Only the slightly different color of the platinum plated clip are a little bit distracting from the otherwise harmonious design. On my pen the wood is very dark and almost black; the wood on my Alexander von Humboldt is slightly lighter and shows more brown tones.

This really is a luxury version of the classic Meisterstück pens with the additional decoration and nice materials which really deserves some attention.

The medium nib writes a nice, smooth, true medium line.

More info can be found on Montblanc's site:



The German version of the catalogue can also be found in the web:



Those are the pictures of my pen I took this afternoon:

45909153414_0417376abb_k.jpgP1440277 by pensninks, auf Flickr


46578428892_9b4d93968e_k.jpgP1440291 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906208704_3a20d91f96_o.jpgP1440295 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906209214_4387148ffe_k.jpgP1440298 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906209774_4f6d2f2d90_k.jpgP1440302 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906210524_0b20aa8139_k.jpgP1440303 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906211664_17b7708238_k.jpgP1440304 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906212854_f355349752_k.jpgP1440308 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906214214_1072888589_k.jpgP1440309 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906215644_f6e0604bfc_k.jpgP1440310 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906217484_ade0f24ce2_k.jpgP1440315 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906219034_9940b6a4ae_k.jpgP1440321 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906222114_0bd35b6dc1_k.jpgP1440330 by pensninks, auf Flickr


45906224004_336074dc93_k.jpgP1440331 (1) by pensninks, auf Flickr









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~ Michael R.:


Those photos!


Thank you very much for setting a high bar for Montblanc fountain pen photography in 2019!

Tom K.

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Congratulations Michael on a lovely acquisition :)


Its a gorgeous pen and you seem to have been gifted with a nice iteration as some came with a lighter colored wood, or medium dry wood but yours is the darkest type which I personally liked the most. It was actually the reason I refused to buy it except when it presented itself in person :) enjoy it in great health.

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Wonderful photos and pen Michael. You set a high standard in both regards.

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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Many congratulations on this wonderful pen, and thanks for the stunning photos!

Rationalizing pen and ink purchases since 1967.

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Thanks for the detail. Agree the darker is more appealing as it contrasts nicely with the metalwork.

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Great pen with deserved great photographs ! Thank you for sharing :)

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Apologies for the late bump.

But I just came across this thread and had to comment. This is an absolute beauty of a pen. The bright work against the almost black body is amazing. It just simply looks like a beautiful piece to not only display but use as well. Thank you for sharing such a piece.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Beautiful piece. One question...do you clean silver pens or does cleaning reduce value? What is the best way to treat it?

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I personally clean mine. It really should not matter, patina forms quickly anyway just wait a few weeks and its back at least where I live.



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  • 9 months later...

I've owned a Laguiole and this became my favorite Montblanc, along with the Firenze.


Where does one find this old special edition for sale?

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  • 1 month later...

hi, I am also the proud owner of a l'Aubrac but now want to sell my FP. Any idea where I can get a good reasonable price for this jewel ?



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hi, I am also the proud owner of a l'Aubrac but now want to sell my FP. Any idea where I can get a good reasonable price for this jewel ?



If you want to have the better price the solution is to sell it yourself on eBay or in the classified zone of the forum. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can try to contact some company/buyer that buy pen from particular. There is for example in UK iZods (http://izods.ink) or in France Stilusaurea (http://www.stilusaurea.com). Both of them have an account on Instagram too if you want to contact them directly. But of course they will buy it at lower price than market to do some profit when they will buy it after. So it is up-to-you to decide how you want to proceed. I'm sure there are other buyers all around the world but I know bought of them (I know better Gerardo from Stilusaurea but Roy from Izods is kind and pro too) and never had any issue with transactions with them.

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hi, I am also the proud owner of a l'Aubrac but now want to sell my FP. Any idea where I can get a good reasonable price for this jewel ?




I would suggest that you try selling here in the Classifieds. You will likely find more sellers who are knowledgeable and willing to pay a reasonable price for the pen.

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