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When cleaning and refilling one of my Wing Sung 3008 pens to give it to my son who wanted to use it in school I encountered a stubborn clear feed that would not want to give away all of its orange glory (Akkerman #16 Oranje Boven) after cleaning and even after refilling the pen with Lamy (Royal) Blue. So I was able to take the following pictures.






Edit: (Was interrupted before I could add what I was going for, tsss ...)


What do your feeds look like? Do you have unusual or unusually beautiful feeds? I am sure you have!

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That's a spectacular pattern! The feeds I like are Pelikan, the one that can look nice depending on the ink is in my Platinum Cool. Unfortunately it doesn't look like much with its current ink, Aonibi (blue grey).



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Thank you, pseudo88!


Yep, those Pelikan feeds are great although from a certain angle it looks like they are too big, esp. in the upper end and when you look straight at the nib. The feed then appears behind the nib. weird. But the do work like magic, free flowing inky magic. :P

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