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Sheaffer Snorkel Crack


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I am trying to restore a sheaffer snorkel and after taking the barrel out of the untrasonic cleaner i noticed a very thin crack in the middle of the barrel. It runs about a quarter of the length. Iv done some research and i have a few questions about what to use and how to do it.


Can i use super glue or any other sort of plastic glue to seal the crack or do i need something specific?


all the repairs i have seen have been from the outside but there is suggestion that it will not look very good on a black barrel, could i try just applying it to the inside to let it seal the crack but not fill it as i think this may give a better result?


unfortunately i cannot get a good photo of the crack but i will try again when i can get some better light

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I have a similar problem with one of my daily users. Decided against repair. If I put a bit of pressure around the crack while filling, the pen fill and writes well.

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yeah at least one of my Snorks have a hairline crack in barrel; gluing or replacing barrel not an option as its engraved (possibly heat stamped?) with family name


think I swabbed the inside with a thick silicone grease and the barrel stays pressure-tight enough to fill. Was going to lacquer the inside with nailvarnish or shellac if the grease leaked out but hasn't so far.

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thank you, im going to try the shellac. its not too aggressive so if it doesn't work i can remove it and start over with something else.

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Shellac will do nothing for you to fix the crack. Take the barrel apart and solvent weld it using a solvent containing methylene chloride. Clamp using electrical tape. Let it cure 24 hour, then blend, buff and put the pen back together.

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