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A.o Waterman Pens


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A.O. Waterman eyedropper in red mottled hard rubber. Difficult to date accurately, as I can find so little about the company. Post 1904. No New York markings on this pen. Thanks to Richard Binder for the small knowledge I have, so far.


I don't like eyedroppers, as a rule. But, I went against all my instincts and bought this one, purely because I liked the look of it.

Fortunately, it proved a good gamble. It's a superb writer, the nib easliy matches my early Onoto and Swan nibs.


In nice working condition and used frequently. The nib appears to have been sprung and repaired, at one time - and one of the times is slightly misaligned - but it is writing SO well, I'm reluctant to tinker with it. It's super springy and super flexy. The section is from a different stock, judging by the pattern, but is also red mottled hard rubber.

Not long after getting this pen, it became a favourite - and it still is. Always inked up.


Anyone else got any AOW pens? Are they all this good, or did I hit lucky?

(And if anyone can date it, I can enter it in the My Oldest Pen thread, too!)

Still learning how to photograph, but these should give you an idea:











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Beautiful pen, lucky you !


I have a similar one in RMHR, it has two gold rings on the barrel but it is an A.A. Waterman, never heard of A.O. Waterman, clearly shown in the barrel & nib of yours.


I have also a Black HR one and a Coral red one manufactured by Frazer & Gayer with a hidden number in the back of the nib, but they are both A.A. Waterman. All mentioned by R. Binder


Thank you for showing it, hopefully we will learn more about this curious version named as a Trade Mark: A.O. Waterman

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Thank you CS388, I am always glad to learn something I did not know... I looked in the same reference pages but in the wrong place... Congratulations for your pen, I love it !


(There is some information on my coral pen on the David Nishimura blog; http://vintagepensblog.blogspot.com/search?q=A.A.+Waterman, but none on A.O. Waterman)


Best (and happy Holidays)

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I recently ended up with a pen with A.O waterman imprint. Only image I could find of a A.O waterman pen is the one in this thread. 


Would it be possible to get a pic of the section and a feed of an original A.O waterman pen?


There is a wired groove between the barrel and the section. I'm not sure if this is how this pen should look originally.




Section is a bit smaller than that of a waterman no 12.  feed looks very much like a waterman  but slightly smaller. Groove is cut in to the barrel .



Imprint is as follows.



NIb in this pen is a replacement. I am not sure if any of the other parts (except for the barrel) is proper A.O waterman or not. section make it look a bit more like a franken pen with mismatching parts. I was expecting the section to have grooves like with some of the earlier Waterman / Paul e Wirt pens. having a plain barrel and a section with that grove makes it look a bit wired :(.

Sorry about replying to this very old thread. This was the only place I could find an image of a proper A.O Waterman pen. I would greatly appreciate If some one with pen can post an image of the feed and section of the A.O waterman eyedropper pen.


I have also managed to get another spare barrel with the same imprint and size which is interchangeable with this one. That unfortunately didn't come with a section / feed etc.


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Beautiful pen. Congratulations.

Looks to be in excellent condition. too?


Still haven't found any more information on this company/these pens, other than I mentioned in the OP - although,, to be fair, I haven't been looking much, since.


I think my pen has the original set up, with A O Waterman nib, so i'm assuming that the section and feed is original, too?

I can post a picture, later on, when I get home.


As I say, I have no new information to offer, but I think these are quite rare pens - based purely on the fact that there seems to be so little information on them.


Again, congratulations on your pen, it's a beauty!

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