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Kiwa_Guro Or Nurebairo?


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Lots of talk recently about Kiwa_Guro. Is Nurebairo feeling lonely? Wondering, for those who have both, which they prefer and why. Apart from waterproof, what characteristics do you enjoy?


It's getting close to the time to purchase a, one, singular black ink and would appreciate your input.


Thank you!

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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Well I enjoy Kiwa-Guro because it is one of my waterproof inks that I can use for postcards and anything else I don't want water damaged. As far as I can tell from reviews Nurebairo has no such properties. It dose however have a massive amount of sheen.

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Please allow me (remind me though, brain like a sieve nowadays) to send you a sample of Nurebairo.


I don't think the two compare in any way.

Whilst I don't have much experience of Kiwa-Guro I am a big fan of Nurebairo and know enough about it to say it's not a Kiwa_Guro substitute.

Kiwa_Guro is black. That's it. Black. No other stealth colours (apart form its sheen) to speak of. It's silky smooth to use and has a distinctive feel to it. I felt quite special using it as if I were stepping back in time somehow. I think we should all own a bottle.

Nurebairo however is like a super saturated blue black. The written line is visually amongst the blackest I've seen and oh my does the ink come alive when washed over.


I'm exaggerating a little, only a little though, when I say that to me the ink is worth the price for just the label :wub:

I'll make a note and get some to you. Playing with it first hand will make all the difference.


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