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Elysee Vernissage No. 1 Vs Edition 90

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I would really like to know what is the difference between ELYSEE PARTHENON VERNISSAGE NO 1 LTD EDITION 1993 FOUNTAIN PEN and ELYSEE EDITION 90.

I have seen Edition 90 sold on eBay as Bernissage No. 1 and when I asked the seller he emailed me that this is just a different name for the same pen model. The only difference I can tell is that the different model name is lacquered on the pen, everything else looked the same.

I dont understand why would Elysee release a pen from their regular production and call is differently. I wonder if there are more differences than just the name.

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the vernissage collection starts 1994, so I don't know about an edition 1993 or 90.

There are three pens:
Edition 1

Edition 2

Impression 1

The edition 2 was mostly red, edition 2 turquoise and impression has the motiv "Der Weg ins Licht"
Just take a look at page 409 of Andy Lambrou

I search for all pens and informations made in Pforzheim, e.g. Sarastro, Fend

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The Edition 90 was released before the Edition No. 1.  There is a difference in the color of the two pens — the Edition 90 is a lighter pink (on the right in the picture below) than the Edition No. 1 (on the left in the picture below).

After that, the Edition No. 2 (two hues of teal with platinum) was released, followed by the Impressions No. 1 (dark blue with a figure in front of the sun with gold).  The Edition No. 2 pens and Impression No. 1 pens are individually numbered while neither the Edition 90 nor the Edition No. 1 pens are numbered editions.





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