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Artus Favorit


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Just paid for this and it is being shipped within the week . Anyone familiar with the Artus Favorit ? Looks neat but I know nothing about it other than the seller is reliable and always sends me something good . May poke the pig this time but at $40 I ain't gonna worry about it too much . Heres pictures .








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OH!!!!! :sick: Envy just crawled out of the clover and stuck it's 6 inch claws in my back. My basic black and gold Artus Ballite and Favorit are post war blind cap, plastic pens.


Yours appears to be pre-war....because it is colored & has that high Final. Artus had or made a plastic exclusion machine, and Lamy bought up it & or the pen division in the very late '30's I believe. Right after the war everyone in the world used such a machine to make cheap plastic pens, Parker, Sheaffer, MB, Lamy.


Artus was Lamy's second tier pen.....more accurately.... it's pen with a regular flex nib. I saw no drop off of quality between the Artus and the Lamy 27.


Lamy pens at least from the '50's on were nails. Might well have been a nail from the start. American style bottom tipping....he was well connected with Parker.


The regular flex Artus has the American Bump Under tipping, not being a semi-flex stub like most German offerings.

I do have a gold Degussa made Artus nib....in regular flex....if my memory serves me....not going to go looking for it.


Artus is a good solid regular flex pen....the one I recommended once when pens were cheaper, as a good regular flex nib..........................I now recommend bought on German Ebay Geha School pens....for E12-19.

:thumbup: That is one hell of a good looking pen. :happyberet:

Edited by Bo Bo Olson

In reference to P. T. Barnum; to advise for free is foolish, ........busybodies are ill liked by both factions.



The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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Thomas, I would if I could but it will be probably 2 weeks before it gets here . These are auction pictures . The seller says it's a nice working pen and he has been real reliable . I use auction pic's because I lack any skill with a digital camera and my cell phone is 6 years old and has had a color meltdown . I will post what is imprinted on the nib when it gets here from Serbia and will go line by line as it is printed and desrribe any logo. The pen uncapped is right ai 5" from nib tip to end of blind cap and just a hair more capped .



Bo Bo ,


I gave $40 . Thanks for the info i have a few more pictures but I have not been able to upload any pictures here since I loaded two on another post yesterday . Had trouble trying to download one on Ancestry last night also , all uploads show failed no matter what size I use .




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I have to go look at how to use my digital camera for Dummies..............and stop using the flash....got to find that button........then perhaps everything won't be washed out.

In reference to P. T. Barnum; to advise for free is foolish, ........busybodies are ill liked by both factions.



The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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Very nice find! Congrats!


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Kawco Nib is marked :



Made IN






Very stiff cheap feeling nib. Been soaking the cork for a week but I now sucks ink like a champ but is a bit stingy with it . I'll find a good nib for it and clean the feed . Looks good but the top cap threads are just a hair loose . Some silk thread ans a light coat of Elmer's will fix that and be easy enough to reverse if the cap ever needs to come apart .



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Hi Eddie

I don`t think that your fp is an Artus Favorit. IIRC the series Artus- Favorit, - Ballit and - Rekord had been made from a plastic mold- in process. The nib is not original for Artus pens and if there is no Artus imprint, it is a very nice but no Artus fountain pen.

Possibly it is an Angloamer- Favorit

Kind Regards


Edited by Kaweco
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Thomas ,


The only marking on the pen itself is Favorit . That is on the cap just above the rings reading from there toward the top cap . I know nothing more about it than what I can see , seller listed it as Artus Favorit so that is the name I posted it under . Needs a fine new nib with some flex and it will be a great pen .


Best Regards,


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