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Which Green Black Ink Is This..?


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Hello! I've bought some second-hand fountain pens, which arrived the day before ysterday.

Most still had some ink in them, a few dried, so I've let them soak for two days.

This particular ink was in a still functioning as is pen and kind of struck me:




I thought it was Noodler's zhivago at first (little blob below it) but it's a more intense green. It really looks almost black in the darker parts.

The previous owner thought it might have been Robert Oyster green black, but wasn't sure since she had over 800 colors.. 😂

Any guesses whether that may be the color? Or any other guesses?

I really like it.. 😂 Any help is appreciated!

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Ah sorry, that 'gold' might just be lamp light 😅 Between working full time an short winter days I just haven't been able to photograph in sunlight just yet.


Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

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I've ordered a sample of Diamine green-black with my last ink order 🙂

I'll let you know whether it's a match or not.

Meanwhile, it's a fun page in my bullet journal 😂


(sorry, still not taken in daylight.. 😅)


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Finally got around to test Diamine green-black. It's not a match, the green is brighter. (Still a gorgeous color, though 😂)


The 'mystery ink' basically looks like a 50-50 mix of Zhivago and Diamine green-black. The search continues.

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Sailor Tokiwa Matsu, perhaps.

“I admit it, I'm surprised that fountain pens are a hobby. ... it's a bit like stumbling into a fork convention - when you've used a fork all your life.” 

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