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Iso Ideal Notebook : Composition Size, Wider Ruled, White, Fp Friendly, Hard Clover, Under $10/15 And Perforated?


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Every store I go into I peruse the stationery aisle and study the notebooks and have yet to find the perfect one. Currently I’m using a notebook that I don’t really like (but I spent $ on it so I can’t just toss it) and I’m using a pattern tracing wheel to perforate my pages for removal. Has anyone found a notebook that is:

Size: Composition - it fits in my daily go-bag

Rule: Wider than college ruled - I write big

Paper color: White paper that really shows off the ink colors

Thickness: Doesn’t bleed through

Perforation: PREFERRED

Elastic band closure: preferred but not a deal breaker

Cover: Hard cover preferred

Cost: less than $10

Anyone found this exact combination yet???? I’d settle for all of the above qualities and no perforation because I can use my “tool” to do that.

I know about the mega monster notebook review spreadsheet but all I’ve found in that reveiw is for pocket sized notebooks and I’m looking for something larger.

Thank you!!!!

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I've been pleasantly surprised by the most recent iteration of the composition book from Mead's five star line. Plastic cover, and the paper, advertised as resilient to ink, is surprisingly good. I bought one out of curiosity to test their claims, and was shocked at how well it performed.

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Thanks for your helpful replies.

I am hard on notebooks and really don't prefer spiral bound. I am going to check put the website now though.

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Oddly enough the CVS branded composition books are very fountain pen friendly.


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White paper, perforated, wide ruled, and NOT spiral bound. I would appreciate an elstic closure and internal pocket but can live without. Am I searching for the impossible?

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I've found in all my searching that no one makes the perfect notebook. At least not perfect in every point. At least not one that stays perfect for long. That's the fun/misery of it all.

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Red N Black covers many but not all of your points. Size- A4 or A5 is all I have ever seen/had. The spiral are perforated, but not the hard bound. Spiral has band, hard has ribbon markers. 90 gsm paper that is quite fp friendly. I paid $9.99 for my last A4 spiral. Hard cover are $1-2 more . (Office Depot)


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