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Help Please!: Sailor Lecoule - Which Converter & Cartridge?


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Hello Pen People, If I've posted this in the "wrong" area of FPN, please accept my apology and grant me a modicum of immunity for this is my 1st ask for help!


Just got an 'older' used Sailor Lecoule, and surprise, surprise, surprise it will not take standard ink cartridges and I cannot identify the model of the converter to buy. This Lecoule was one of a few Japanese pens (Ok, 8) that I bought. Not a large $ purchase, but I want to use this pen! The seller doesn't know, 5 different sellers of Sailor converters (eeebay) simply tell me that the converter they are selling works with Sailor pens, with no mention of the Lecoule. The reason I want to verify the converter model to buy, is that I read (somewhere in the internet ether) that the Lecoule requires a proprietary/unique cartridge/converter.


Sailor converter part numbers and descriptions:


14-0502-000 Sailor Pen fountain pen ink inhaler converter Slim
14-0500-000 Sailor Refills Standard Fountain Pen Ink Converter


Soooo, Since it seems Sailor pens require proprietary ink supplies, that any Sailor converter/cartridge would be compatible with the Lecoule?


A review of the Lecoule: https://www.penaddict.com/blog/2014/9/17/sailor-lecoule-fountain-pen-review


THank you in advance for your help!


George Arrivistepen

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My Lecole uses the standard Sailor converter. The slim one is only (AFAIK) for a model called Chalana.


I rarely use mine - my other (more expensive) Sailors are better writers.

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