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Looking For Pilot Automatic H-5005 Mechanical Pencil

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post-145597-0-85239600-1543102788_thumb.jpgHello guys, I am a mechanical pencil collector from China. It's my first time posting here in FPN.

I have been seeking for a PILOT Automatic H-5005 Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil for 5 years, and this is the 6th year. I think many of you have heard of it. It's very rare, and I already looked over ALL the websites that have a keyword "PILOT AUTOMATIC H-5005" that I can find on Google. I did see some auctions in Japan for it during the past few years, but I missed it because of many reasons.

I have talked to many pencil collectors outside of China. I don't think it had been sold officially by PILOT in outside Japan, but what surprised me is that I heard some collectors from North and South America owned this pencil before. It has been a problem that not only me but also many of my friends (also pencil collectors) have the money to buy it for a really high price, but we cannot find even a single piece. Under such a situation, one of my friend suggested me to ask for help here since FPN is probably the most widespread forum in which I can find collectors who have been collecting pens or pencils for several decades.

To complete my collection of Pilot Vanishing Point mechanical pencil, I will need this H-5005 eventually. But I will also need some other pencils to complete my whole collection. Here I listed some below:

Sakura Free Matic ES1000A

Sakura Archi Y2

Sakura AT matic ATS3000 (I have the blue barrel one, looking for a black version)

Faber-Castell Alpha-matic (silver version. I have the 230th gold version, executive, titanium, bronze and the plastic versions, need a silver one)


I really appreciate that if someone can help me. I prefer buying directly, however exchange with pencil/fountain pens is also possible. I attach the photo of H-5005 below. post-145597-0-85239600-1543102788_thumb.jpg

Thanks and have a great day!

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