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Closed - Ranga Handmade Pens - Grand Festival Group Buy- 10 Models In Various Choices

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Here are the pictures. Since eyedroppers are unusable at where I live, I also convert them to simple sac fillers.







nice finishes!

I'm so overly curious, why are ED unusable where you live? too hot? too dry? what else?

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The latest arrivals:






I really wanted a regular bamboo in the mottled olive but Mr Kandan only had rods to make it in the mini or a Model 5. Happily it is not too much slimmer than the regular.


The green/yellow swirl Model 5 took me by surprise as I was expecting much more yellow and in places mine is more speckles than swirls. But actually I quite like the subtlety, it's a bit like a marbled book paper.


Thanks again, Mr Kandan!

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I chose my user name years ago - I have no links to BBS pens (other than owning one!)

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Lovely pens

bakul black is a classic, and so is mottled brown, one of the nicer standard ebonite colours that deserves bakul (I have a Ranga Emperor in this finish). Next try also olive-black ripple in bakul...

And you are right, the warm feel in the hand is the real reason to choose bakul.

Lie de thé in the mottled brown, perhaps?


Premium orange green blue 3C is lovely too, I have exactly the same pen in this colour, the ebonite colour swirls are mesmerizing.

This ebonite is even smoother than standard and the threads are as if they were not there, I love this too.

Any blue will do in this, and considering ED, one of those blues that you got free with some pen purchase and you have 3-4 bottles of, sitting around...

I try to use up my overstock of Pelikan royal blue in my EDs...


enjoy the pens


PS as this is your first Ranga purchase, consider clipless in your next (likely ) Ranga.

Particularly in the larger pens the clip is not so useful (the bigger pens don't fit in your pocket anyway!)

and the ebonite wonderful patters deserve not to be interrupted by the clip.

If you are worried about the pen rolling off your desk, some roll stoppers look nice on the Rangas, too.

Thank you Sansenri, for your useful comments. Incidentally, I noticed your discussion with Bobje, on another thread about the best Ranga pens, where you say you prefer the hourglass section of the 8B, and « that is why I asked Mr. Kandan to modify my last 3C (...) and fit an 8B section on it ». How did that turn out? It is a pity Chrisrap didnt see your post before ordering his Ranga 3, as his main problem seems to have been with the section lip. Personally that doesnt bother me at all, but I hold my pens fairly far back.

Perhaps the matte green of his pen was also less successful than my brown or black bakul which looks more like wood. I have ordered (perhaps foolishly) a giant red ED 9B, in the recent group buy, but I ordered that as brilliant not bakul.

I had thought of buying one of my 8Bs in mottled olive brown, but Ranga had run out.


You are probably right that EDs, particularly with a flex nib are likely to be ink "guzzlers", and so cheaper inks might be a good solution. Indeed, the orange/green and blue 3C would work well with a blue ink. As it happens however, I had ordered a bottle of Kwz Monarch orange as well as ig Aztec gold, from Fontoplumo.nl; but the postman must have left the packet on top of the post box, and of course it was stolen. Frank of Fontoplume kindly sent another bottle of Monarch but he was out of stock for Aztec gold. I did ink up the 3C with the Monarch, and the good ED flow with the Kanwrite flex nib does seem to work very well with this ink giving excellent shading, although, as you imply, it could prove very expensive to run. Since then, I ordered a bottle of Monteverde copper noir, which Bobje seems to think similar in colour to Kwz Monarch, as that is about half the price of Monarch, but it may prove drier according to comments.

I was hoping to put the Aztec in the mottled brown 8B, but as you say, Lie de thé which I love, would be an excellent alternative, although I do have that in several of my other pens.


I will take your advice and put blue ink in the giant red ED 9B and of course it comes without a pen clip, but I would use that as a desk pen. Although I am a little worried about the large step down, while hoping the ultra long section on the giant model will help.


Thanks again for your suggestions, Sansenri, very much appreciated,



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  • 1 year later...

oh... by the way... so sorry I did not notice your questions! and now a year has passed... :o


well, I hope you may have found answers for yourself in the meantime... but do let me try to reply even if so late


Model 3, 3C and 8B (but also model 8) are my favourites because in the Ranga offer they are designed cap over barrel, and that means there will be no step from barrel to section, which is an important feature for me, as I hold pens quite far back.

(for the same reason the lip on the section of the model 3 makes no difference to me as I never put my fingers so close to the nib).


The threads on Ranga models, especially in ebonite pens, are very smooth, so they usually do not bother me either, and sections are also relatively long.

If I have to choose between 3, 3C and 8B, in terms of comfort, the slightly convex section of the 8B works best for me (not everybody likes convex sections though, but the 8B's section is just slightly convex, making it very comfortable to hold).


Nevertheless I do also like the straight barrel shape of the 3 and 3C so I had a go with a convex section on the 3C.

The convex curve seems to match well with the rounded ends of the pen, so the resulting pen looks like a different pen altogether (and reminds me somewhat of a Deccan model)




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PS regarding all your other interesting points, I would not be too concerned about the resulting outcome of an ebonite choice, most of them are nice in any case, whether polished or bakul.

Bakul has a very different feel (and if you ask Indian makers, it's a classic finish) so it's really nice to have both, knowing that they will look and feel different. Just as an example black ebonite is very nice both in polished and in bakul!

As I have commented before, bakul tends to reduce contrast in the colours used, so to have a pattern that will not look too faded it is a good idea to choose a ripple or mottled colour that has black in it.

Mottled browns and greens (with black) look great in bakul. Red ripple or olive ripple too.

Blue ripple is perhaps a bit too dark to show the ripple well in bakul, I prefer it in polished.


EDs are in a league of their own IMHO, they need more care in use, but besides the larger ink content, I particularly like the way they tend to provide more ink flow, than CC.

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