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Pif Green Lamy Safari (Uk Only)

Dip n Scratch

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Look at the attached image:

Lamy call the colour green. I call it lime, whatever......


There are three other nibs as well as the stock M: EF plus 1.1 & 1.5mm Italic nibs.

There's even a Lamy converter. What other maker supplies their ink in Lamy cartridges?

Has been regularly flushed, but never used with any problematical ink. No Iron-Gall & none that stain.


As it says in the title... If you are not a resident of the UK you cannot be considered.

You only need to pay postage for all the above listed stuff.


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Yeah, well.

I have had this a while & apart from the easy nib interchangeability it doesn't do anything dramatically better than the knock-offs. The grip really isn't the best in terms of comfort (for me)

I was considering a Nexx with the rubberised section but now i'm wondering if I really need to.....

I already have a c/c Ranga 3 that takes Bock units, for which I have a EF nib & a Jinhao X450 that is more comfortable than a Safari that will take a Bock #6 nib also.

So I guess that the answer to Lamy would be : Nein.


I don't know what the form is on how long to allow people to see the offer. Give it a few days and see if there are any particularly deserving potential recipients.

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I'm not going to enter because I already have similar nib options, but this would be great for those who want to try out different nibs!

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Well, there's both the 1.1mm and 1.5mm Italic nibs included. No need to go and buy a Lamy Joy.

You have EF and M for general writing as well.

What else do you need?

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Hello, If it hasn't gone, could I be considered, if only for the nibs? All I have is M and things couldn't be more bland than that, so I'd like to try EF and the 1.1, and the converter.

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Heavyhorses: Where are you?

You have a message!

King Roach: This is a package at the present time. I do not yet know what heavyhorses wants.


I understand your desire for a finer tipped nib. I had the same feeling. I would have kept the converter & EF nib & bought a Nexx. Before I realised I had the same tips in Bock nibs also.

If you really do want a broader nib. Clip the tip off the 'M' nib and get to work with emery board & 12,000 grit micromesh!

Buy a Jinhao X450, some spare nibs to practice on & get to work. You will learn something.

The grind I made from a Jinhao nib is much nicer than the Lamy 1.1mm nib as far as line-variation is concerned.

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If you don't get a response from Heavyhorses...


I agree and it's even more fun to do things yourself, but since I don't have a plethora of Lamy nibs, I wouldn't do this on my M. I pretty much want to keep one Lamy pen only (yellow with black clip) and a couple nibs to interchange when I'd like a different line.


I've done it on other already-broken nibs with good success. It's fun. Fine and xtra fine are hard to achieve though and would need professional skills.

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You may take the entire package. If you pass the pen on to someone else that is your business. There are cartridges included.


Send me a Private Message.

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